​Dance School for Adults and Children


Dance Class Dance Class Everybody can learn to dance, from 3 year-olds to adults, or even retirees, regardless of gender, age, or weight. Students will learn different styles of dance, such as Jazz Dance, Street Dance, Broadway Jazz, Latin, Hip-hop, Funky, Contemporary Dance, Zumba, Spanish Dance, Workout dance, and more.


At our dance school, students will learn the basics of ballet and more advanced techniques, all by international standards. They will also learn new ballet terms. Ballet students who wish to take a ballet examination to test their skills or to enter a profession in the future, such as being a dance instructor, can do so at the studio as the studio also holds a dance examination by Australian Dance Association (ADA), Australia.

Choose the Type of Dance that is Perfect for You


Zumba is a type of dance workout with Latin-based music that mixes 4 types of dance: aerobic dance, hip hop, Latin, and belly dance. Dancers enjoy themselves in Latin beats. Zumba is a cardio exercise in which you move your body all the time, especially your abdomen and hips. It helps you burn calories and lose weight. Zumba is suitable for everybody. The steps are so easy that everybody can follow.



Ballroom Dance involves coordinated graceful dancing of two partners in fast or slow music, such as Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Quick Step, Quick Waltz, etc. Ballroom dance is fun. Dancers mainly use their torso, waist, hips, and ankles. They dance will their back straight and chest out. They look so graceful when dragging their feet to the music on the dance floor. Children and adults of all gender can learn ballroom dance. It is perfect for people who like partner dance or couples who want to try a new activity together.

Street Dance

Anybody who loves energetic dance must learn “Street Dance” because you can improvise new dance moves all the time. Gymnastics poses, such as somersault, split, and windmill, are used. Street Dance beats are fast but not as heavy and fast as hip hop. The music creates a fun and lively experience. Dancers can fully lose themselves to the music. Street dance is popular among American teenagers because it is not too difficult. People can dance individually or in a group. All children and adults can learn street dance.

Hip Hop Dance

“Hip Hop Dance” moves are designed to fit hip hop music, which has heavy beats with a focus on drums, electronics, and bass. The music is fast or very fast. The dance moves include body rock, stamping, and jumping to the rhythm. There are also other moves that you may be familiar with, such as the robot, popping, or imitating everyday movement. Students must use strong and clear movement to create beautiful and powerful dances to the music.

“Everyone can dance, Everyone can do, Just do it”.

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