A 31-year-old woman with a bright smile is making her lifelong dream come true based on what she truly loves, ballet. Even though she might have had better professional and social opportunities than most people, her journey was filled with hard work and great dedication. The Artists was created and grew in the fascinating world of dance. It has now become a fantastic full-service dance studio. Noon – Sakornpun Purinit, the director and founder of The Artists Dance Studio, went to Saint Joseph Convent School before obtaining her bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University and a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication Management at the University of Hull, UK.

Her love for dancing started when she was only six years old. She told her mother that she wanted to learn ballet, and her mother supported her. With her passion and love for ballet, she continued to the advanced level at many institutions to start a career as a dance instructor. She obtained many teaching certificates, such as Certificate of Ballet Teaching Diploma, Australasian Dance Association (ADA), Australia, for ballet; Certificate of Jazz Teaching Diploma, Australasian Dance Association (ADA), Australia, for jazz dance; and Certificate of Ballet Advanced 2, The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), United Kingdom.

“I started learning ballet as a child, with the support of my mom. I was getting more and more into ballet. After high school, I started a job as a ballet instructor on weekends while studying at Thammasat University. After I graduated and had a full-time job, I never quit teaching. I have been doing it for over ten years. As I am passionate about dancing, I need to keep moving forward and learn new things. I still join dance classes today to upgrade my skills. I had a dream that someday I would open my own dance studio.”

Kru Noon points out that ballet and all types of dance offer many benefits. For example, dancing improves a child’s posture, concentration, memory, confidence, and discipline. Dancing is also a relaxing activity that builds good mental health because students can move to the music in a comfortable environment.

Research suggests that dancing can help a person with attention deficit disorder. Moreover, dance movements also help learners improve their brain and coordination, such as through listening to music, eye-focus, and hand and feet movement training. The studio provides various classes, such as ballet, jazz dance, hip hop, street dance, social dance, and yoga. Kru Noon has selected the studio’s dance curriculum from ADA – Australasian Dance Association, Australia, because the curriculum is flexible, without age limit. This curriculum stimulates learners’ imagination through choreography and puts safety first. Dance rooms are built based on international standards. Every year, the Artists holds an examination for learners to obtain a certificate directly from ADA, Australia. The Artists provides ample opportunities for anybody interested in dancing. There is no limit in age and sex. There are classes available for three-year-olds to retired adults. Each course was specifically designed for different age groups.

“Why The Artists? The answer is the owner of The Artists has extensive experience and knowledge in teaching. We also have a team of experienced and professional instructors. The studio is of high quality and international standards, suitable for every learner. Most importantly, we have a variety of yoga and dance classes. Parents can join the classes at the same time as their children instead of just waiting. They can do yoga to exercise and stretch or even join a dance class to improve their posture. We have everything for three-year-olds to seventy-year-olds. Everybody can have fun dancing and be playful in yoga. Don’t miss the fun! For more information, please contact The Artists Dance Studio, Tel. 095-480-4646, or say hi to us at www.facebook.com/theartists.danceandyoga”

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