Anyone would be happy if they are lucky enough to do what they love. So many people do not have this opportunity. Nune – Sakornpun Purinit, the owner of The Artists Dance Studio, a full-service dance school at Bang Na, considers herself lucky because she has been doing what she loves since she was little. She told us that she loves ballet and asked her mom to take her to a ballet school when she was only six years old. The ballet school adopted a curriculum from the UK. As a child, she learned ballet only on weekends. After finishing her primary school, she continuously learned ballet 4 days a week until after high school, when she went on to become a teacher assistant.

Learn deeply…

She began teaching seriously on weekends when she attended the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University. After graduation, Kru noon worked at a big department store for over a year. She worked at the office on weekdays and taught ballet on weekends. Then she went to the UK to study marketing management. She also joined ballet courses there throughout the year. After that, she participated in many full-scale dance courses in Australia. Clearly, dancing is what she was born to do.

After finishing her master’s degree, she took a marketing job at an international company for 3-4 years and taught ballet on weekends. Now she has been teaching ballet for almost 20 years. Still, she always joins any new dance courses to upgrade her skills. Dancing is her true passion, and there will never be a day that she will stop dancing. She dreamed that one day she would be fully dedicated to dance teaching. Before realizing her dream, she decided to deeply learn about business and gain valuable experience at big corporations to know how to start her own business one day.

Time to turn her passion into a business…

After twenty years of intensive experience, from attending ballet classes as a kid, becoming a dance instructor, and learning about business, now it is time for her to start her own ballet school, The Artists Dance Studio. This studio is a full-service dance school that also additionally offers yoga and yoga fly classes for parents to join while waiting for their children. “Sometimes parents bring their children to the school for a two-hour dance class, and they have no idea where to go. If they are tired of shopping, they can join a yoga class for an hour. We offer yoga classes for adults that help you stretch your body or you may join a dance class for exercise. We teach students from a very young age to 70 years old. Adults can join our classes to improve posture, concentration, or exercise. We teach everything from ballet, jazz, hip hop, street dance, ballroom dance, social dance, and yoga,” Kru Noon said.

Do what you love and love what you do…

Some people asked her why she didn’t open a restaurant, a clothes shop, or a shop that sells feminine and beautiful things. She replied that those businesses might grow more quickly and earn more profit, but they are not what she loves. She would like to do what she loves and be happy with it because it is her life. Even though the business has more details and complexity, but she loves to do it. Money is not the most critical issue for her. She just wants to choose a career that gives her happiness, benefits others, and enables her to make a living. This is where her happiness lies.

Dancing offers more than you think ….

Kru Noon points out that children can learn dancing to develop flexibility, muscle strength, and body balance. Dancing also enhances memory, self-discipline, and self-expression. Adults can also benefit from dance classes in that they can improve their posture, self-expression, and socializing skill. Dancing is also a very relaxing activity because it involves music. It helps people with attention deficit disorder. Research also shows that dancing can prevent Alzheimer’s.

There are two popular ballet and jazz dance curriculums from the UK and Australia. As a child, she always learned the curriculum from the UK. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree, she decided to try Australian curriculums and found that their curriculums are more flexible to learners; people of all ages can learn dancing. The best age for ballet is 3.5-6 years old, but if you are a fifty-year-old who wants to improve your posture and walk gracefully with your back straight, it is not too late to learn ballet.

Sakornpun told us that now Thailand has been adopting more Australian curriculums. At The Artists, we coordinate with ADA; every year, we hold an examination for the students to directly obtain a certificate from ADA. In Thailand, there are only 3-4 studios that are permitted to adopt this curriculum. The Artists works closely with the curriculum owner in Australia. If you want to send your children to learn dancing in summer or continue their dancing lessons, you can also send them to the Australian Dance Association.

Source : Magz. October 28, 2014.