More and more people live in the city, and young urban people’s lifestyles always involve excellent facilities, shopping centers, fun activities, and convenient public transport. Urban areas are prime locations that can quickly attract the right customers, opening up business opportunities that succeed in the Urban City Lifestyle era.


Sakornpun Purinit, or “Kru Noon,” the owner of The Artists Dance Studio, said that when she first joined ballet classes as a child, she saw moms waiting for their kids to finish their lessons at the dance school. These moms clearly did not have much “me time”. When she started her own dance school business, she designed her dance studio as a one-stop service that supports families who want to spend time together, especially Millennial parents who are happy to let their children do different types of activities. Most importantly, the studio’s location must be convenient and safe as the quality of life is essential in today’s society. “The strength of this studio is the students’ confidence in the instructors. We rely on word of mouth among the parents, as their children love and enjoy our classes.”

Location was the first thing that came to her mind when she set her mind to starting the business. That is, it should be near home, easy to get to by personal cars and sky trains, and provide parking space and facilities to the targeted customers: families with children over three years old who are interested in dancing. The parents would want to be confident that their children are safe and taken care of. Modern parents are also open to new activities and take care of their health at the same time. The dance studio owner said that from her experience both as a dance student and a dance teacher, parents also want to do their own activities while taking care of their children. Some families have children of different ages who are interested in different things. So this market is constantly growing.

A dance school’s marketing opportunities are not limited to children. The dance school can grow with the children because the strength of the business lies in the student’s confidence in their instructors, word of mouth among the parents, and the students’ satisfaction. Children who love and enjoy the school’s dance activities will be a solid client base for this dance studio. Kru Noon chooses to target students of all ages, from three-year-olds to adults who love dancing. The school is among the first dance schools in Thailand to adopt the Australian Dance Association (ADA) curriculum from Australia. This curriculum focuses on human physical and psychological aspects. It is also very flexible; it can be mixed with various musical instruments such as piano, cello, violin. The lessons capture the students’ imagination, especially small children, through choreography created by the school’s five instructors, who have obtained Teacher License from ADA. The students will also be members of ADA (Student License). An examination will be provided for the students to directly receive a certificate from ADA.

The strategies that Kru Noon has mapped out for The Artists Dance Studio focus on ballet and a variety of dance genres such as ballet, jazz dance, broadway jazz, hip hop, street dance, and contemporary dance. These dance types are suitable for children or teenagers and every modern mom and professionals who want to learn dancing to socialize. The studio also provides yoga classes for parents to stay healthy while waiting for their children to finish their dance classes. In planning her business, Kru Noon has relied on her twenty-year experience as a dance instructor at various institutions, along with her marketing and management experience at big organizations. This well-designed studio is located on a 500 square meter space on Sukhumvit 101 road, only 750 meters away from Punnawithi BTS Station. The dance studio has been specifically designed for dancing. The floor is lifted about 10 centimeters from the ground level to support the impact from jumping. Safety glass is used to protect dancers because health is very important for dancing. As for marketing, Kru Noon said that she initially focused on the school’s neighborhood. She mainly introduces the studio to offices, houses, and schools nearby and uses online media to establish brand awareness among a broader audience. She also plans to co-create child development activities with schools in the future.