Nowadays, children should learn other skills outside the classroom, such as music, sport, and art. These skills can promote a child’s development. Parents may choose to take their children to take swimming lessons to develop their sports skills. They may select music, such as piano, violin, and guitar. For art skills, many parents may send their children to learn drawing to promote imagination. In fact, there is one kind of skill that includes sports, music, and art. That skill is ballet! This is why ballet is one of the most popular activities that many parents value. Let’s look at the benefits of ballet.

There are five areas of development that can be achieved by learning ballet. 1. Confidence Many small children are shy and afraid to socialize. Ballet can help them with self-expression and help them get along with classmates. With ballet, children know how to socialize, trust others, and have the courage to do activities with classmates. Moreover, the imagination through ballet movement and acting also helps develop a child into a confident adult in the future.

2. Concentration and intelligence Children are like tiny batteries. They are full of energy and can hardly concentrate on a single thing for a long time. Ballet can help children or adults concentrate better because they have to remember the choreography and dance to the music. Regular ballet lessons can help students improve concentration and memory. On top of that, they develop self-discipline from practicing. Students can surely adapt these skills in the classroom and give total energy and concentration in other activities.

3. Heath benefits Obesity is common among children. It is vital to encourage them to do physical activities that promote agility. In a ballet class, children move to the music and become more robust and more flexible. These are health benefits that will be visible in everyday life.

4. Communication and teamwork Ballet definitely develops teamwork skills because children learn to work together when dancing simultaneously. This is a form of communication through body language, gestures, and eye contact among students in a ballet class. Children will learn how to share good things, make friends, and work with other people.

5. Other areas of education Ballet educates children in many other areas, including music, culture, and performing arts. Students will learn to portray different classical characters. Ballet also help students remember more complicated things because ballet requires all senses, such as music listening, self-expression, memory, and body movement in unity with the music.

It is obvious that ballet promotes both intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ). It is also a great exercise that also improves social skills. If you are interested in ballet or looking for ways to promote your child’s development, The Artists Dance Studio team is ready to help you. You are more than welcome to join our family. Contact us for more details at, Tel. 095-480-4646 , 085-496-2696 , or Line ID: TheArtists.