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Yoga and Yoga Fly

Yoga Class

Yoga creates balance in the body and promotes the unity of body and mind. It teaches you to focus on the breath and keep your mind in peace and gets your blood and energy flowing. Students can meditate, stretch their muscles, relax their bodies, and revive their body balance.


Yoga is good for everybody, regardless of age and gender, including overweight people; it is perfectly safe for knees and joints. Yoga promotes the flexibility of muscles, tendons, and joints, strengthens the muscles, slows down the aging process of cells, and boosts metabolism. Yoga also relieves stress and maintains hormonal balance in your body.

Yoga Fly

Yoga Fly is a type of exercise that mixes postures of yoga, pilates, dance, and gymnastics on U-shaped hammocks. A hammock is highly flexible and can carry up to 1,000 kilograms. Yoga Fly promotes flexibility. While exercising, the hammock supports your weight and keeps your balance. Yoga Fly is also fun and challenging and good for meditating and improving your balance. You will strengthen every muscle in your body, relieve stress, and enjoy your moment on the hammock.

Where to learn yoga?

There are many yoga studios nowadays but a good studio can help you reach your goals. This is why selecting a good studio is very important. A good yoga studio must be up to standard. Yoga teachers must be professional, skilled in teaching, and able to ensure safety. The school location must be convenient so that students do not have to waste their energy traveling. The studio must be spacious with a good environment and offer a reasonable price. At The Artists Dance Studio, our yoga teachers are very experienced. They understand the students well and can teach yoga in theory and practice. The school is located near Punnawithi BTS station, perfect for Bangkokians who want to avoid heavy traffic

The Benefits of Yoga

  • Good health Yoga can improve your health and relieve muscle and joint discomfort. Through proper training, your body will become flexible. Your bones and muscles will develop. Also, your internal organs and blood circulation will be improved.
  • Focus and meditation In practicing yoga, you will learn how to focus on your breath, which in turn trains your mind to live in the present. By paying attention to your breathing in and out, you will be present in your body and find peace of mind and inner calm.
  • Confidence Yoga helps you tone up your body and stay in good shape. It helps you look younger and build confidence from the inside out as you feel proud of your development after your hard work and effort.
  • Discipline To be able to do advanced yoga, it takes your discipline and dedication to the practice, in addition to your physical strength and peace of mind. Yoga can therefore improve your self-discipline and time management skills.

Basic Yoga Asanas

Examples of basic yoga asanas that you will learn at The Artists Dance Studio.


Warrior 1

Warrior 1, or Virabhadrasana 1 in Sanskrit

This basic asana tones up your thighs and calves and reduces tension and pain in your shoulders, backs, and necks. It opens up your chest so you can breathe deeper. Most importantly, this asana effectively reduces cellulite in your hips.


Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog, or Adho Mukha Asana in Sanskrit

This basic asana reduces tension in your neck, shoulders, and down to your lower back. It effectively relaxes and treats the pain in your upper body. This asana is suitable for elderly people because it reduces menopause and osteoporosis symptoms.


Camel Pose

Camel Pose, or Ustrasana in Sanskrit

This basic asana improves your body’s flexibility. It should be one of the first asanas to learn when you start practicing yoga. It can fix rounded shoulders or hunchback posture, boost metabolism, and, most importantly, reduce depression risk.


Standing Forward Fold

Standing Forward Fold, or Uttanasana in Sanskrit

This basic asana can relieve depression, improve your digestion and leg flexibility, relieve headaches, and help you sleep soundly throughout the night.


Rabbit Pose

Rabbit Pose, or Sasangasana in Sanskrit

This basic asana can improve your spine flexibility, reduce tension, protect you from bone contraction, improve blood circulation, and most importantly, promote a healthy nervous system as well as treat office syndromes.

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