Ballet for Adults and Kids



Ballet can improve your body, emotion, social life, and mentality. Ballet lessons help students understand body movement and properly develop different groups of muscles. Ballet students are therefore healthy and have good posture. Ballet can also fix some of the students’ physiological problems. Our ballet program is based on the curriculum of ADA (Australasian Dance Association) in Australia, which is a long-standing and prominent institute in Australia since 1986. The ballet program consists of 4 levels: Pre-School, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advance​.

Ballet for Kids

​Ballet for Kids Ballet for Kids is suitable for children aged 3 years or older. Students will be guided to use their imagination and creativity through their interpretation of music and express their deep feelings. Ballet students in turn have good mental health. They are also lively and expressive. Ballet can develop muscles, and promote and improve children’s imagination and physical posture. Ballet is the fundamental of other types of dance, such as jazz dance, hip hop, contemporary dance, ballroom dance, gymnastics, and ice skate.

​Adult Ballet


Adult Ballet can improve the students’ posture so they can gracefully stand, walk, sit, and pose, and also build muscle flexibility and strength. Dancing to classical music improves the coordination between the body and the brain through activities such as listening to music, focusing the eyes, and movement training of hands and feet.


Ballet Class for Adults Anybody can learn adult ballet regardless of age and gender. It is also a good exercise. Ballet students are agile and good at body movement because they simultaneously move every part of the body; arms, legs, torso, or head, to slow or fast music. Ballet is also fundamental to other types of dance.

​Students will learn the basics of ballet and more advanced techniques, all by international standards. They will also learn new ballet terms. Ballet students who wish to take a ballet examination to test their skills or to enter a profession in the future, such as being a dance instructor, can do so at the studio as the studio also holds a dance examination by Australian Dance Association (ADA), Australia.


The inspiration of Dance

“There is nothing you cannot do,
if you are determined enough.
It is no different in the dance world.
Anybody can dance as long as you set your mind to it!”