​​”The Artists Dance Studio provides a marvelous dance and yoga experience, taught by a team of professional instructors. Students of all ages and experiences are welcomed to groove and move with us. Let’s enjoy, have fun, and feel confident!” 

The Artists Dance Studio เรียนบัลเล่ต์เด็ก เรียนบัลเล่ต์ผู้ใหญ่ ballet for kids adult ballet โรงเรียนสอนบัลเล่ต์ที่ดีที่สุดในกรุงเทพ ใกล้ฉัน มีที่จอดรถ

The Artists Dance Studio is established with love and inspiration in the science of dance and yoga. We intend to serve as a comprehensive knowledge resource on the art of dance, promote the science of yoga, and act as the center for people who love dance and yoga, regardless of gender and age.

The Artists Dance Studio is committed to delivering joy, fun, and confidence under the concept “Everyone Can Dance” We provide exercise classes taught by highly experienced instructors that utilize the science of dance and yoga.

Our Classes

Ballet for Kids

The Artists Dance Studio has selected one-of-a-kind ballet programs that are perfect for kids. All classes are up to national and international standards.

Adult Ballet

The Artists Dance Studio offers adult ballet classes suitable for adult students. You do not need to have any prior experience in dancing. We teach the fundamentals of ballet and professional ballet by international standards. Everybody can enjoy the classes, regardless of gender and age.

Dance Class


The Artists Dance Studio has a variety of dance classes taught by professional instructors. You will have a blast dancing and grooving to different kinds of rhythms. Dancing is also a great confidence booster for you.


Yoga & Fly class

The Artists Dance Studio offers yoga classes that promote muscle growth, health, and meditation. Different yoga asanas are suitable for people of all ages; from children to adults, regardless of height and weight.


The Artists Dance Studio ballet for kids adult ballet dance yoga BTS punnavithi

Yoga Fly is the integration of yoga, pilates, dance, and gymnastics. The exercise is done on a flexible U-shaped yoga hammock. You will not only tone up all muscle groups but also relax your mind and body while enjoying every movement on the hammock.

The Inspiration of Dance

The Inspiration of Dance
The inspiration from ballet will lead you to success.
Ballet gives you a lot more than you think.
Let’s listen to the inspiration and ideas from
Khun Noon – Sakornpun Purinit,

​the owner of The Artists Dance Studio
The Artists Dance Studio

Our Studio and Facilities

At The Artists Dance Studio, we highly value our students, so we create spacious and safe studios completed with great facilities. Students can be assured that they will learn the skills and enjoy themselves within a safe and healthy environment under the care of our professional instructors and team.

“Here we give you a unique experience that you should try! Have fun dancing and be playful in yoga.”

Our Studio

High ceiling
Garden view
Safety dance floor
Big parking space
Friendly environment
Near BTS Punnavithi

Amanda Obdam, Miss Universe Thailand 2020 with her First time in ballet class


Ballet: Beyond En Pointe Foot

Ballet: Beyond En Pointe Foot

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