The word “ballet” may remind you of a ballerina dancing on the tips of her toes in a fluffy, beautiful tutu. If you hear the word “ballet lesson,” you may think of little girls in ballet outfits learning how to dance on their toes. In fact, ballet is beyond toe-dance or dancing en pointe, and you do not have to be a little girl to join a ballet class. Sakornpun Purinit, or “Kru Noon,” the managing director of The Artists Dance Studio, says, “There is no age and gender limit in ballet. You can learn ballet whether you are a child or an adult, man or woman. Ballet encourages a child’s development and good posture. Adults can also have fun in ballet classes. Ballet is a good exercise that can improve your posture”. Even though there is no gender and age limit in ballet, each ballet course is specifically designed for different age groups. We have 12 grades for children’s ballet; the higher the grades, the stronger the learners. Every year, the studio holds an examination for the students to obtain the certificate from ADA, Australia.

Ballet promotes good posture. Children who learn ballet can concentrate better and have a better memory. They also express themselves well and have good self-discipline. Dancing is also a relaxing activity. Dance students are usually happy and have good mental health because they live with music and a relaxing environment. Research also shows that dancing helps people with attention deficit disorder. Moreover, physical movement can improve students’ brain and coordination, such as through listening to music, eye-focus, and hand and feet movement training.

The studio provides a ballet course specifically for adults. The course focuses on body movement, walking, toe pointing, and improving postures. It also focuses on standing and walking poses for those unfamiliar with dancing and may dance out of rhythm. Students will be trained on their sense of rhythm and music listening. The class is relaxing and helps students be with themselves and get to know their bodies better. “Dancing is an interesting activity. It promotes health and good postures and builds good mental health. Do not be afraid to dance. If you want to do it, just do it. Age is never a problem. Whether you are a kid or an adult, whether you know the basics of dance or not, you can learn ballet if you want to or if you are just looking for a fun activity to do.” Kru Noon concludes.

Source: Sanhasarapun Scoop. (2015, January 6). Daily News, 32.