Many more adults nowadays are more interested in ballet. Don’t believe it? It is true! Adult ballet is now becoming a new trend. So what attracts these adults to join ballet class? Ballet is not only an excellent full-body exercise but also improves students’ posture and body shape. Classical music used in ballet class is also very relaxing. It is undeniable that you will experience positive changes in your body and mind through ballet.

Can ballet make your body fit? You may already know the benefits of ballet in terms of physical strength. Studies show that professional ballet dancers in the US have to train as intensely as professional soccer players. Imagine muscle training for ballet dancers! They must be pretty intense …. Dancers use every muscle group in correlation with each and every ballet movement. It is not surprising that ballet dancers have lean and fit bodies. On top of that, ballet is the foundation of every other type of dance, such as jazz dance, hip hop, contemporary dance, ballroom, or even yoga fly.

Ballet builds a beautiful and elegant posture. Another significant benefit is that ballet helps you achieve beautiful and elegant posture. In a ballet class, you need to stand tall on your strong legs and balanced hips. This will adjust your standing and walking postures in everyday life so you will appear naturally graceful. You will look good like Lily Aldridge, the Victoria’s Secret Angel, if you regularly practice ballet. We are not joking. Lily Aldridge spent many years practicing ballet before she achieved her perfect slim body.

Ballet boosts your brain in a way that you will be able to think in more complex ways. For example, your right brain controls your left body movement, and your left brain controls your left body movement. Ballet dancers need to move the left and right sides of their bodies in different but correlated ways. So both sides of the brain need to coherently work to move to the music. Research shows that classical music has positive impacts on the brain by sending alpha waves to the brain. The alpha waves are sent out when you are peaceful and meditative, improving your cognition, learning, and decision-making.

Ballet helps you express yourself better. Have you ever feel awkward at a party and not know what to do with your hands or eye contact? Have you ever felt shy when meeting someone new? Ballet is a type of performative arts that do not communicate through spoken words, but through gestures, facial expression, and eyes. A ballet class allows you to learn to express yourself in conformity with the mood of the music, such as slow or fun rhythms. You will start by expressing yourself in front of the instructor and classmates, which will build your confidence. Ballet is an excellent cure if you are a shy person.

Now you see how beneficial ballet is! Now it’s about time to try. We assure you that you will receive benefits from ballet. Your initial intention might be to learn a dancing foundation or to lose weight. Still, you are guaranteed to reap other benefits along the way, be it a good posture or self-confidence, not to mention great new friends!

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