Many parents wonder what the right age to start learning ballet is. Ballet is one of the most popular activities parents choose for their children because it helps develop a child’s personality and graceful posture. Regular practice usually results in good health, happiness, and self-expression. Ballet also teaches children to love music and lays the foundation for other types of dance.

When to start learning ballet?

The right age to start learning ballet is three years old or older because it is the right time for children’s development. Children at this age can concentrate and learn new things around them and communicate with their teachers and classmates. 3-4-year-old children usually want to socialize, make new friends, and adjust themselves to society. We should help them build confidence and self-expression, so they are not too shy to make new friends.

Benefits of Ballet

1. Muscle Development

Children’s muscles and bones are growing fast at this age, as seen from their increasing height and weight. The appropriate activities for them promote muscle strength, such as dancing, running, jumping, dancing en pointed, or walking back and forth. These movements develop large muscle groups so that every part of the body can move simultaneously. Ballet also helps organize body structure.

2. Intelligence and language skills development

Children in this age group are truly learning their language, and they can remember many new vocabularies well. In some ballet classes for small children, the instructors teach children to sing to promote their imagination and help them remember each movement. Ballet also helps small children develop a sense of direction and be able to tell right from left. When they grow up to 4-5 years old, they start remembering directions, colors, and size. They are also able to calculate.

3. Emotion, mind, and imagination development

Roleplay in ballet class helps promote imagination. Children act and learn things from their roles, such as acting as an animal or telling stories through gestures. Roleplay boosts self-expression and imagination. At the same time, classical music is also relaxing and fun for most children.

Ballet is a great activity that promotes development in small children; ballet improves children’s posture and boosts brain development at both sides. If you are a parent who cares about your kid’s development and interested in ballet, The Artists Dance Studio team is ready to give you an advice. You are more than welcome to join our family.

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Written by The Artists