Dancing is one of many beneficial skills that improve your personality, concentration, creativity, and attractiveness, not to mention being a fun exercise. Your body is ready to move whenever the music starts. It is not surprising that many parents nowadays take their children to dance classes at a very young age. Teenagers and adults also turn to dance as a hobby. Apart from passion and discipline, another essential factor that cannot be ignored is the right place to learn dancing. Choosing the best dance studio from the beginning can save you a lot of time and energy.

What to do if you want to learn to dance the right way? The best option is to join a good dance school that can help you reach your dance goals. To pick the right dance course at the best school, you need to consider the following seven things.

1. Profile and experience of the dance instructor

Good teachers make the best students. You should consider an instructor’s profile and experience before deciding to learn with her. If she has an education in dancing, she surely has a good foundation in theory and practice. She can help you if you want to learn dance at an advanced level. If the teacher is well-experienced in teaching dance, it is certain that he deeply understands his students. If possible, you should join a trial class to notice the instructor’s personality and teaching style and decide whether you have the right chemistry with him and how much he is responsible and cares for his students.

2. Samples and reviews from past students

Samples and reviews from past students are good guarantee of the school quality because they show how satisfied the students are with the dance classes, the strengths and weaknesses, and whether the skills learned in the classes are practical. You can also directly ask someone who has been to that school.

3. Convenient location

As you need to regularly travel to the dance school, a convenient location is crucial. If the school is located in an urban area, it should be located near a BTS or MRT station. If not, it should be easy to travel to.

4. Number of students per class

A class with many students may seem like fun. Still, it is not always a good thing because the more students, the less attention the instructor can give to each student. A good dance class should not have too many students because the instructor can take care of each student all the time. This way, students will develop their dance skills faster.

5. Standardized evaluation

A good dance school should provide international-standard performance evaluation for the students to continue to advanced levels. Examples of internationally recognized dance examinations include the Australasian Dance Association (ADA), The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD), and the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

6. Good environment

A studio’s environment is essential for happiness and joy in dancing; it reduces pressure and increases student’s confidence. A good room to teach or practice dancing should be broad, with a high ceiling, good air circulation, and air conditioning. A full-size mirror should be installed in the studio for the students to see their own movement and adjust their movement as instructed by the teacher; this will help them further improve their skills.

7. Reasonable price

Reasonable price is another factor that should not be overlooked. If the course fee is unusually cheap, the quality of instructors and equipment used might be below the standard. If the price is too high, it can cause the students to spend too much money. To happily learn dancing in the long run, you should choose a school that charges reasonable prices, that is, not too cheap or too expensive.

After considering these seven factors, now you may have your answer about the right school for you. However, don’t forget that even if you learn at the best school, the most important things are your focus and determination. If you don’t lose courage, you will be successful in dancing no matter how difficult the lessons might be and no matter who you are. The Artists Dance Studio always encourages the first step of any new dancer. We always ensure that everybody is happy and have fun dancing. If you are interested in dancing, we are more than ready to assist you and give you the best advice.

Written by The Artists Dance Studio

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